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USIC – Room rental
18 rue de Varenne, Paris 7ème
+33 1 42 22 18 56 – usic@mcc.asso.fr

Rules of occupancy

The strict adherence to these rules is a contractual commitment. 

  1. The maximum number of occupants of the rooms, restricted by prefectoral decree, is indicated in each room and must be strictly observed.
  2. The transfer of furniture between different rooms is prohibited. The provided furniture is indicated in each room.
  3. The layout of the room is the responsibility of the renters: the tables and chairs must be put back in the original layout.
  4. The hours should be respected and the rooms must be cleared by 11pm.
  5. It is prohibited to eat and drink in the rooms, except with the consent of the USIC.
  6. The renters must turn off the lights, close the windows and wipe the boards clean before leaving.
  7. The tranquility of the building, which is essential for all, relies on everyone’s behaviour. It is therefore necessary to avoid loud noises.
  8. The space in the corridors and the reception rooms on the ground floor must remain free and the access to emergency exits must be guaranteed.
  9. Report any difficulties to the secretariat in writing, especially violations of these rules.
  10. The renters must comply with any additional rules that may be communicated in the confirmation.
  11. The payment must be made within 30 days of receiving the invoice.
  12. It is prohibited to smoke in the rooms and the corridors (decree n°92.478, 28th of May 1992).
  13. The USIC declines all responsibility for the belongings left by the renters (damage, loss, theft, fire).
  14. In case of an evacuation alarm, the renters must take care of the disabled persons present within the rented rooms.
  15. When using the WIFI provided by the USIC, the renters undertake to respect the regulations in force on the use of the Internet.