Welcome to the presentation site of the rooms at USIC


Room rental

To organize your trainings, seminars, conferences, forums, meetings, general assemblies, press conferences, etc.

Our 5 rooms, located in a building from the 18th century and fully renovated, offer an innovative complex in the very center of Paris that can cater to organizations and training institutes who are looking for a pleasant, well equipped and very accessible space.

The USIC is a public access building (ERP) in the L category.

The 3 rooms on the ground floor (Pupey-Girard, Oregin and Bussery) are accessible/designed for people with reduced mobility.

Open for rental all year long, for a half-day, the whole day or the evening, during the week and the weekend.

The different rooms


74 m² – Ground floor

3 possible formats :
conference : 80 places
seminar : 60 places
meeting : 40 places


60 m² – Ground floor

3 possible formats :
conference : 55 places
seminar : 40 places
meeting : 24 places


60 m² – 3rd floor

3 possible formats :
conference : 50 places
seminar : 35 places
meeting : 20 places


20 m² – Ground floor

3 possible formats :
conference : 24 places
seminar : 24 places
meeting : 20 places

Salle 19

20 m² – 1st floor

3 possible formats :
conference : 19 places
seminar : 19 places
meeting : 16 places

Need more space ?  The rooms Pupey-Girard and Oregin can be joined together to form a larger space of 136 m².



  • Removable furniture (chairs and tables)
  • Paper board and pens
  • Video projector and projection screen
  • PA system
  • Wifi


Additional facilities

  • Arrangement of the room in a particular set-up (conference, workshop, meeting, etc.)
  • Rental of an audio and video recording system for videoconferences
  • Provision of a coffee break
  • Provision of breakfast

The service of meals is not provided but it is possible to have meals delivered on site.

3 possible configurations

  • Conference : rows of chairs
  • Seminar : rows of tables and chairs
  • Meeting : tables and chairs in a square shape